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Bread machine help for a novice-pretty please

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We are slowly moving to a more organic and healthy diet. We purchased a bread machine recently. I have made a couple loaves so far with mediocre results. I recipes were online and had 5 stars. They were both not 5 star quality but I think that is MY fault. Help


I am trying to use up the white all purpose flour and get rid of it. I found some info that if you add 1 tsp of vital wheat gluten per cup of flour it will make it more like bread flour. It did make it lighter than the first loaf but it wasn't great. The second loaf I did use fast acting yeast as well.


I bought some bread flour but haven't used it yet. Can I do 1/2 bread flour and 1/2 all purpose? I find recipes that say to not activate the yeast. So I make a mound in the flour and put it on top. But then I find recipes telling me to activate the yeast!?! I am quite confused(more than usual)


Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi--you're my only hope.

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I have made bread with 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat and it worked fine. Infact, it was a great way to introduce my family to ww........gradually :)


It doesn't matter which way you put the yeast in a bread machine. Just make sure your water temp. is correct and that all the ingredients are at least room temp. I keep my flour in the freezer and couldn't use it straight from there. I had to let it sit out or warm it in the oven.


The order of the ingredients for my machine called for liquid first (water and oil) then sugar, flour, salt and yeast. I made a hole for the yeast like you mentioned.


Remember that ww bread will be VERY dense. It will be smaller than white and heavier.


Have fun experimenting!



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Hmm. I usually only add gluten to whole grain flours (not white) so they have a lighter texture. And I've never used bread flour in anything, so I can't really help there; I always sub flours so the recipe works with what I have on hand. As far as activating the yeast - I've never done that for machine recipes; I think the machine is intended to take care of that.


But the advice I can offer is to just make the dough in the bread machine, pull it out, form it and let it rise again in the pan. Then bake it in the oven. I can't stand the way final bread product turns out in the machine, but it always turns out great in the oven.

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