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What would I need to buy for R&S English?


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I am a bit confused despite looking at the stuff online multiple times.


I need to know what to buy .. what constitutes the "course" for second grade?


I see the set (it has 3 books to it) called Preparing to Build. That consists of 6 units.


That doesn't seem like a full years worth? Is it?


What is the "years course" ..?


thanks :lurk5:

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Hi there -- I understand your confusion and fully remember feeling the same way not so many years ago.


A year's course is the material you will need to teach one grade level over a period of aproximately 36 weeks. (This varies from family to family, but 36 weeks is a traditional school year's length.) Each of the six units is divided up into weekly and daily segments, so yes -- it is a full year's course of grammar and composition study.


For second grade English you would need to buy this set which includes a student text book, a teacher's manual and a booklet with tests. There are no workbooks for second grade, but up ahead in the more advanced levels there will be.


Second grade is very easy to teach and you might be able to get away without a teacher manual, but I would like to suggest that you get one anyway so you can learn how to teach R & S grammar this year. Once you know how it all works, you and your dc will enjoy the study a great deal. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve for you as the teacher on how to use this method, but it is not hard to catch on at all. This is my first year with R & S English, and we were well on our way with it after the first couple of days. I enjoy using the TM because I can either follow the script or use it as a guide and put the lesson into my own words.


I hope this helps!




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For second grade, you will need the teacher manual and the student book. You could also use the tests, if you wanted to. I didn't use the tests for the first few years.


We did it for a full year, but only needed to do it four days a week, which is very appropriate for grammar.

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