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Whew! I had a scare today with dd....

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My daughter is six. She woke up this morning with a stiff sore neck that wouldn't go away...by mid afternoon she had a fever that reached 102...and by 6:30pm she had a huge swollen right eye and was complaining her jaw hurt towards the back (think gland area)....so I called the hospital and they said to bring her in. I started looking up symptoms and everything pointed to meningitis....I was trying not to freak out. Turns out that all those things were simply symptoms of the fever itself. Never heard of that before but sooooo thankful it was only that.


I am completely drained after worrying about her so much today....and tring not to be peeved at my husband. He went to watch an MMA fight in town tonight before the swollen eye episode. When I told him I was going to take her to the hospital....he was like "so do you want me to come home?" not "I'll meet you there in five" I mean if it had been serious... I am glad it wasn't but still.


Ugh...I just need to go to bed. Praising God she is going to be ok.

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I am SO glad it turned out OK. My husband is like yours...when I thought I was having a miscarriage with my 3rd, I called him because he was hunting and asked me if he had to come home :glare: The hospital did an ultrasound and sent me home and told me to stay on bedrest until I saw my doc in 3 days. He gets me to the couch and says..."So can I go back hunting now?" :glare: Mind you I had 2 other kids at home.


I am glad your DD is OK! I wear myself down worrying about sick kids too.

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