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Our Nice Neighbors!

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We had some friends over for a visit today, and while they were telling us about some awful neighbors on their street, one of our next door neighbors came over with some freshly baked blueberry muffins for us. When she left, our friends were saying how they would love to have a neighbor like her.


Shortly after our friends left, the neighbors on the other side of us came over with a freshly baked zucchini bread for us! I think if our friends had still been here, they might have decided to move in! :lol:

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I love great neighbors. We just moved into our house less than 2 months ago and our next door neighbors (and landlords, as a matter of fact) are the best! Our third day here, our neighbor saw that my husband's bike was in serious disrepair and asked if he could fix it up for him (it's a nice bike, just neglected). He completely fixed it up and didn't charge us a thing! It was going to cost us over a hundred bucks to get it fixed at a shop. Apparently bikes are a hobby of his. It was really awesome and made us excited to be living here.

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great neighbors are such a blessing!!!!!!


We have some great ones that live next door and the people that lived there before them, my ds and their ds are still good friends even though they moved several hours away...they Skype all the time!


Now the ones across the street...not so much. I just had to tell the one young girl to stay out of my yard. She was being destructive and she and her friends had been cussing out my son and his friends. They boys were ignoring them and continued to play their game so they came into my yard and were grinding their shoes in my newly grown grass. I was not pleased.

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