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Chicken farmers - do grow greens for your girls?

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we grew romaine lettuce, but we give them any garden leftovers also. So they kind of have a HUGE garden :D For added protein to help egg production in the winter we give them a boiled soybean mash. In the summer they get bugs and sunflower seeds. We saw a big jump in production from those things.

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No omega levels checked but interesting story at the same time: Our friends kept chickens at my grandfather's house for a number of years. He is a BIG gardener and would give them scraps from the garden all the time (esp. winter garden). When the kids would take their chickens to 4-H shows, they would ALWAYS win - I think there is definitely something to be said for eating their greens!

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Our chickens get almost all leftover veggie kitchen waste and they free range getting bugs, seeds, grass, and whatever else they can find. Their yolks are a far deeper yellow color than their caged counterparts and I've been told that means a better omega and vitamin content, but it's hearsay. I know people can taste the difference!


The few times we have to keep them cooped (like when our neighbor's U Pick Strawberry field is in full fruit!) then we purposely give them loads of extra veggies/fruits of various sorts. It's not quite as good as when they free range (maybe the bugs play a big part?), but still better than just chicken feed with regards to their eggs.

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