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Experience with connecting to PA Homeschoolers AP sites

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Has anyone else had a problem with this? 2 mornings this week, my son had a very slow connection to his AP class sites, and eventually couldn't get either class site at all. Today, again, he can't connect to either site. Since we aren't having any other internet problems, I'm wondering if the site is just over-trafficked at certain times of day -- and will it be this way all year?


What can you tell me?




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My son is in Stats & Am Gov't. He's been able to get on enough to get his work done, but for the past few mornings, he couldn't get on. He was able to get on later in the day. He hasn't been able to get on at all today, and neither has a friend of ours who is taking Bio.


Anybody else?



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My son has Calculus with PA Homeschoolers and we haven't had any problems. (Perhaps the calculus site's server is a different one?) We logged on today and had no problems (my son just "upgraded" from AB to BC, so he's working this weekend to catch up). If we were having problems I would email the teacher and/or the Richmans, who run PA Homeschoolers -- they've always been very responsive to my questions.



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