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Should I put off school for another week?

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Hi folks,


I had planned on starting school on Sept. 7, however, life has happened and I'm thinking about pushing it back a week.


Long story short, we may have a home sale, but it's up in the air and we won't know anything for sure till Tuesday. So I don't want to start a routine, get everyone comfortable and then have a big upheaval of a move. Also, I may possibly be in the middle of a miscarriage. I went to the Dr. today with bleeding and he said he can't give me a definite answer until we do some blood work, so I don't even know for sure if I am having one or not till Monday. It's early, we only knew for a week, but I'm understandably having a roller coaster of emotions.


With both the move and the pregnancy up in the air, I'm wondering if I should just put school off another week till we get some solid answers either way. Do you think this is a good idea or will I just be compounding my problems down the road?



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It depends. I don't see any ages listed for your kids and that is a big factor. In my case, I would rather start school because my two (8 and 13) are fairly independent and the school routine makes our entire life go more smoothly. But if it stresses you, requires tons of your time, if your kids balk at it etc. then it would be best to wait. You might consider too if it might be best to do 1/2 of your school each day - the first half of your schedule on day 1, the second half of your schedule on day 2, the first half on day 3 etc. to give some order but also allow for cleaning, packing etc.

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If putting it off would be easier for you (and worrying about whether you are miscarrying alone is a good reason to not need other stress, unless you think it would help keep your mind off things), then put it off. And don't feel guilty about it! It REALLY isn't a big deal if you start school later in the month.


If it helps you feel any better, by the way, I had some bleeding/spotting with all three of my normal, healthy pregnancies! Twice in the first trimester and once in the second (which scared the heck out of me). I will be thinking of you, I hope all is well!

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Thanks ladies. If I just had a solid answer "No, you aren't selling" or "yes, it is a miscarriage" I could just have my emotions and start getting over it. It's this waiting that's got me all tied up in knots. And stupid me, I announced my pregnancy on FB so now I have to deal with telling all those people. It was 9 weeks in, I thought it was safe, guess not.


Nance, thanks for the kind words. The Dr. himself isn't sure what's going on right now so I'm hoping I have a situation like you did.

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Come to think of it, you know what else? I think it's really cruel of your doctor to make you wait til Monday to find out what's going on!!


When I had some bleeding with my son in the first trimester, I had called the doctor, and they had told me because it was so early in, they couldn't "do anything" even if it WAS a m/c... but they also told me that if it would make me feel better, I could go to the hospital and get an ultrasound just to see what was going on.


Which I did... and the u/s showed that the baby's heart was beating just fine and that everything looked normal and that I should just go take it easy for a few days until my follow up appt with the doctor.


Maybe you can call your doctor and tell them this is really stressing you out and you do not want to wait til Monday and can you go to the hospital for an u/s today???


That would hopefully either make you relieved when you see all is well, or at least stop you from wondering what is going on and dealing with the stress of that, even if you don't get good news!

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