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A Question About Frozen Cranberries

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I have a recipe for a bread to make in a bread machine that calls for cranberries. I have frozen whole cranberries. Even thawed, they seem rather hard. Will these cranberries bake up properly in the recipe? Do you think the recipe may mean dried cranberries? It doesn't specify . . .

Thank You!:)

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You can use the frozen cranberries in the bread. They should taste great, as long as they haven't been frozen for more than 6 months. You probably don't even have to defrost them to use in the bread. If you feel that you must, just put the frozen bag into a bowl of hot water for awhile.

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Thank you, everyone! What a relief! I see cranberry bread in our future tomorrow! :D


Jade - Why the 6-month warning? Is it okay to use frozen cranberries if they've been frozen longer than 6 months? Does it just alter the taste, and if so, how badly? Or are they actually no longer good after 6 months? Thank you!

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