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Refrigerator left open?

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My husband got home really late last night and had stopped at the grocery on his way home. He unloaded and went to bed. At 3 am (sick kid) I noticed the refrigerator was open a crack. The things felt cold to cool depending on location but most stuff was sweating. Hubby thinks he unloaded between 11 and 12 pm. So the door was open from 3 to a maximum of 4 hours.


Do you think things (especially my meat) are safe?

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I'd use it.


This has got me wondering, though...how do the grocery store refrigerators, such as in the milk aisle, work without doors? At the store I use, the freezers have doors, some food is kept in the chest-style refrigerators (so the cold air stays lower, with the food), but some cold food is kept on what seem to be refrigerated shelves. How do they stay cold?

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