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iPod Touch: 2nd gen vs. 3rd or 4th gen, also apps question

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Hi ladies. I have a brand-new, unopened 8G 2nd gen iPod Touch sitting on my desk. However I could trade it for a 3rd or 4th gen (+ $100) tomorrow at the Apple store.


Would it be worth it? The one feature I might like is multi-tasking, but is that worth $100? I don't need any more than 8G memory.


Also, I've been a die-hard Palm user for 9+ years. I LOVE databases (HanDBase), my high-powered calendar program (Date Book 5), and my shopping list organizer (Handy Shopper). None of these are available for the Touch. (Well, HanDBase might be)


Could anyone tell me about their AWESOME Touch calendar or database/shopping list programs? I want high functionality! Otherwise I might just keep using my Palm. The drawback is that we just got new computers, and my Palm has no driver for Windows 7 so I can't sync it. (DH's laptop has XP but he takes it to work)


Thanks in advance!

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Definitely get more memory. 8GB will get eaten up quickly. Even my small kids each have 16GB Touches and they are 3/4 full. And a Touch is way better than a Palm in my opinion. Sooooo many apps to choose from!


This is what I loved about my Palm. SO many apps to choose from. There may not be as many available NOw -- but that has to do with the unpopularity because they could not keep up.

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