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Any drawbacks to early SAT/ACT?


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I kind of figured ds would take these tests on the early side, but that was 9th or 10th grade in my mind. Then I spoke to a friend whose child took them in 8th grade, and suggested ds might benefit from taking them in 7th, which is this year. It may be his 7th/8th grade year if he chooses to continue with the schedule/syllabus we've outlined (we're only one full week in on that.)


Ds is a very comfortable test-taker, and the fees aren't a big issue. Some of the online courses we're *considering* for 9th grade and up ask for these scores with the application. I think a practice test or two before then might help us see where he needs a little more work and make high school testing easier.


Overall, I'm seeing nothing but potential benefits coming out of it, but I wanted to put the question out there to see if there are any negatives I'm overlooking.

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8th grade is fine too -- the only downside for either would be if you had a test-anxious child, but otherwise it's fine.


However - you probably don't want to take the SAT in 9th-11th grades unless you're reasonably certain of a college-worthy score. Although technically there is "score choice", some colleges require a complete set of high school scores. The scores earned before 9th grade are purged, so those don't matter.


The ACT doesn't report scores in sets like the SAT -- you have to select the individual scores sent... so the "score choice" issue hasn't been as much of a problem for people. But on the other hand they don't purge scores. I doubt anyone would ask for results from tests before 9th grade unless it was for a high school program... so you should be fine there.


Hope this helps!

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