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Greek program in the style of Lingua Latina? (x-post)


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(Posting on the high school board as well)


I was telling a friend how much we are enjoying Lingua Latina so far, and she said she wished there was something similar for Greek, since that is what her daughter is interested in. I thought I would ask here if maybe there is something that teaches Greek using a similar methodology (i.e. focused on reading fluently rather than on grammar and translation exercises).


Thanks for any help!


(This is for a 12 yo, 6th grade)

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The Italian version of Athenaze. Which I wish I could get a copy of. From the samples and what I've heard its similar.

I have this - it is laid out very similarily - the closest to LL that I've seen, though not quite pure Greek. I compared it to the American version here. I still haven't gotten around to actually *using* it yet :glare: (slowly working through the Alphabetarion), but I can haul it off the shelf and answer questions, if anyone has any.


Also, there is Rouse's Greek Boy, which is a slightly adapted version of a reader - A Greek Boy at Home - originally written by an early proponent of applying natural language learning techniques to Latin & Greek. It was meant to go along with his First Greek Course (original reader & text free online).


And there is Peckett & Munday's Thrasymachus (this is on my wishlist - I have their (very oop) natural-learning Latin texts), which is more of a reading course than a LL-style immersion text, but the stories are supposed to be very entertaining.

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