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What to use after Wordsmith Apprentice?


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I'd love to hear what users of Wordsmith Apprentice followed it with, for writing instruction.


I'm planning on IEW (Ancient History), but would love to hear any other ideas.


There's more to the series after Wordsmith Apprentice. I think it may be Wordsmith Craftsman? I do know there are more books after WA, though. I'm anxious to hear any new suggestions b/c I'm not sure yet I'm going to continue with the Wordsmith series. HTH!

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The book after Wordsmith Apprentice is called simply Wordsmith. Its for grades 7-9, although it can be done earlier. (Write Shop is another program altogether)

The book after that in the same series, for highschoolers, is called Wordsmith Craftsman.

Susan WB has reviewed them here:





You are right! I always get those two mixed-up. We did WSA but moved back to CW afterwards. Thanks for the correction.

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I enjoyed SWB's review, which is why I thought we'd give Wordsmith a miss, and come back to Wordsmith Craftsman during High School. I liked SWB's combinations - just wondering what other great combinations are out there! :-) I believe someone on here has followed Wordsmith Apprentice with Writeshop?

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With my oldest, I plan to go through the Wordsmith series and then do Writeshop. She has some learning differences and WA is the first program that didn't bring tears and actually produced some writing.


My next dd is a natural writer but she wants to do WA because she thinks it will be fun. I'll let her do it as long as she likes it, but I'm going to get her in the Bravewriter classes or something similar.


The others are waiting on SWB's new writing series.



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