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Question for those using Kinetic Books Math...

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I'm considering this a supplement to my dd math homework she currently has.. using it as a better explanation than what is provided in her co-op math book.


The sample videos were approx 18-20 min. long. Is this typical for the instruction part? How long does a math lesson take? It's hard to get a feel for the actual homework on the samples... they just have coursework and quick check, which only have 6-8 problems.


Can you tell me how you use this program and what your thoughts are? Thanks!!!

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The hs version with the videos is brand-new. That just came out a few months ago.


My oldest used KB only for Algebra II and that was while it was still in beta. She took the COMPASS test at the cc when she was about halfway through KB Algebra II and it placed her in college algebra. After she finished KB Algebra II, she took the SAT and got a 680 in the math portion.


My middle dd used KB for Algebra I right after it was released and is using KB for Algebra II right now. She has done two sample PSAT tests and scored around 60 each time (equivalent to 600 on SAT).


The regular version isn't split up into lessons and doesn't have introductory videos or automatic grading. It does have automatic scoring, but you have to go to each page that has problems to see your student's score for that page. I've had my girls work in KB for 45 minutes/day. That gets them through at a good pace. They move slower when it's more difficult and faster when it's easier.

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Well, I've been using the non-hs version for quite some time (Alg 1), and my dd is currently doing Alg II. My son loved it, but he was only doing it at about half speed. It is very well done, and engaging, and VERY thorough. It is just a LOT of work to get through at a pace that will actually get you through the course in a year. You need to get through about 3-4 units/week in the Alg. or Alg 2, which is challenging. Great course!

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It really depends on how quickly your child works.


When my middle dd did Algebra I, she started off using both Jacobs and Kinetic Books. She switched back and forth between the books at the end of each chapter. At the end of one year, she decided to drop Jacobs and just do KB. It took her 17 months to complete Algebra I (but bear in mind that she did the first 8 chapters of Jacobs in that time as well. She worked for 45 minutes/day during the schoolyear and 30 minutes/day June-August.


My oldest did Algebra II for 45 minutes/day and finished in 9 months.


My middle is doing Algebra II right now. She started it in May and worked on it for 30 minutes/day from May-August. This month she bumped up to 45 minutes/day. She is almost done with chapter 4 (out of 14). I expect that she'll probably finish in April or May.


I haven't seen geometry because that's a new product.

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