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DD wants to be with other children....

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Hi Everyone,


Here is my dilemma. My 5year old daughter says she likes homeschooling but she wants to be surrounded by other children. She would like to go to PS. I homeschool 3 of her siblings and she has two younger than her. She says she is bored - and she is! I can't keep up with all of the "school work" she wants to do! She flies through any workbooks I give her and then she spends the rest of the time creating awesome crafts without any guidance.


My homeschool community here is not the greatest. There are a ton of other girls around her age in the community - but no one can ever get together.


Have you ever had this happen to you? Have you ever had a child that wants to soak up knowledge like a sponge and keep asking for more but you have other things/children to care for? One of her brothers that I homeschool does take some time to deal with because of some Learning Disabilities.


I am currently using Zoo phonics, Explode the Code online and workbooks with her, Right Start Math, and some generic "Kindergarten Workbook" to give her something else to do. She also likes to do "Reading Lessons" using the OPGTR - she has already memorized both poems. We pretty much are going through Homeschool Share Lapbook Lessons.


Feeling very overwhelmed!



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We have had this problem for three years. I have tried and tried and TRIED to get things going in 3 homeschool groups and there just wasn't alot of interest or just tons of time conflicts, heck lots of times people would say they'd show up and they never did! This year we sent my dd to a very small private school. PLEASE DONT SHOOT ME FOR SAYING THIS because it was my husbands decision to send her to school and I was nervous about doing it because she has never been to school but so far she is just thriving! She is alot more social than I am and this way she is getting to be around children more often than she would being schooled at home. You need to do what is right for your own family but for us so far this has been a very good thing for her.

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She doesn't really sound bored to me. She's doing interesting, creative things. Use her creativity and have her make books and dioramas and things to go along with the books she's reading. She may be exhausting but she sounds delightful. She won't get to talk and hang out with friends all day in school. She'll get her work done fast, just like home, and be expected to sit quietly and wait for everyone else to finish. They will quite likely hold her learning back. How much recess time to they really get at school? Just a few of my thoughts.

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I agree Starr - that's why I really don't want to send her to school (lack of recess, etc..) I think she just wants to have friends. She is a very social little bug. Novagirl - if I had a chance with a small private school that was totally free - and I totally agreed with their philosophy - then I would be there! I like the idea of the older kids trying to teach her something. That could really work out to my advantage, but it still doesn't solve the dilemma of her wanting to be with kids her own age.

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