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fun spelling programs?


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I'll share what we are going to do...don't know if it will fit the bill for you or not. My son seems pretty good at sounding things out as well, but I want a spelling program so we are doing studied dictation. I am giving him a sentence at the beginning of the week. We will study problem words throughout the week (and related family words) all on the whiteboard. At the end of the week, I will read the sentence to him and he will type it into the computer. If it is correct, then I will let him decorate the page on the computer. I figure he is getting some typing/computer practice this way and that the adding of graphics, etc. will just make it fun.


This is our first week, so we shall see how it goes. I'll give you an example of what has happened so far and what I intend to do for the remainder of the year. Our sentence for this week is "I am, I can, I ought, I will." Charlotte Mason's theme! Since I got the idea of studied dictation from her, I think it is appropriate....actually I think it is just a good theme to start the year off.

I asked him what words he thought he might have problems with and he answered with what I also thought might be a problem "ought". On Monday he wrote it out for copywork, on Tuesday we studied "ought" and did other words in that family on the white board (bought, fought, sought, thought). On Wednesday I told him about the rule of double "ll" at the end of a word. I also told him "f" followed that rule (I know there are others, but didn't want to overwhelm). We orally did a few spelling problems in the car (ie. "How do you spell 'bill', 'fill'). Also throughout the week I have been saying "pop quiz" and asking him how to spell "ought". We've done pop quiz with a number of things, as they like thinking I can't trick them. ;) Today, I am going to let him study his copywork this morning and then in the afternoon we will do the dictation.

I think this dictation is something given later in Ms. Mason's program, but I like the idea of not using just spelling lists, and I wanted spelling to start this year. HTH! :)

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