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Chalkdust Basic College Math Video Times


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I am trying to plan my son's Chalkdust Basic College Math for the year. I split the sections in Chalkdust up by objective. For example, on Monday he will read Objective A, watch the video that pertains to Objective A, and complete the problems for Objective A. On Tuesday he will go through the same process for Objective B. The problem is that the Chalkdust videos are not divided by Objectives. They lump the entire section together which makes them quite long at times. A friend sent me a chart of video start and stop times for Prealgebra which has been a huge help with planning it out for my daughter. I am wondering if a chart exists for Basic College Math. If so, will someone please, please, please send it to me? I can figure it out on my own, but it will take hours to do. I wish I had that much time to devote to it right now but I just don't.

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