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Teaching phonics to 3rd Grader


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My DD(8) had been struggling with spelling. I knew all along her phonics was poor but she always had a difficult time retaining the phonograms. She simply refuses to sound out the words.

After a short review, she gets 70% on 3rd grade spelling words. She reads at grade level 5.


She started using Spalding WRTR 2 weeks ago & is in a group class 3 times a week, learning both phonics & the marking rules. But flatly refuses to do any phonograms at home. Right now, I am not pushing her, I want her confidence to build up a little.


1. Can phonics be really taught to a 3rd grader?


2. Have you had experience with a child learing phonics at 3rd grade & improving their spelling?


3. If so, how long did it take to see any improvement?


4. Will spelling be ever natural to her?


My heart breaks to see her struggling. All her written answers are correct but has 3-4 spelling errors in each sentence, if given a closed book test. She even makes spelling errors in questions which has word banks.

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I learned sight reading as a child and had horrible spelling. When my oldest was in K, I discovered this method through this board. It has helped so much with my spelling that my spell checker almost never goes off any more.


So yes, this method will help her. You may have to give it a few years to really sink in but it works.:001_smile:

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I am starting to teach WRTR to my third grader this year, so I don't know how well it will work or how long it will take to see a difference. I wouldn't be expecting to see a difference now, when we're just at the stage of learning phonograms. By the end of the year, yes I hope to see an improvement in spelling, as he's learned and internalized the spelling rules and has learned the spelling of many words. I intend to follow this or a similar program for spelling for at least a couple more years.

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I am using Saxon's Phonics Intervention with an 11 year old that is behind in reading and spelling. It's for older children. I can already see an improvement and wish I would have started him with this sooner. It includes phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and even alphabetizing. WRTR is very good too but I needed something I could open and go with scripted lessons. I highly recommend it.


HTH! :thumbup:

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Yes, I have remediated scores of older students, it is possible!


Also, I used to be a poor speller until I started teaching phonics and learning all the sound/spelling correspondences. I used to misspell about 6 words per page, now I misspell 1 every 2 pages on average.


Here is the program I work my older students through in combination with having them watch my free online phonics lessons. It has a fun game linked that you can play with her.



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Thanks for all the replies. I am eager to see some improvement, even if it is a small one.

Yesterday for the first time, DD was trying to sound out a word she had trouble with on her own.


I was talking to a 3rd grade teacher and she mentioned, that since my DD is already reading well (2 grade ahead) she will continue to read by sight, but WRTR will help her in her spelling. I will be so happy to see that accomplished.


Next week I will start attending a Parents Spalding class & hope I will be in a better position to help her.


I am looking at the "Phonics Concentration Game". Will try that out.


Developing Better Reading. I have this and its amazing!

This looks intresting.

1. How long does it take to complete this workbook?

2. Can I do this over the weekends? maybe spend 45mins/week.

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