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History for a ten year old

Elizabeth in MN

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I have dd9-nearly-10 (Gr4) in Logic Stage history using History Oddyssey but sticking to TWTM system - she makes notes (4-6 points) from her Kingfisher reading, and once a week does a first level outline (so far I have simply used the narrative spine Story of Mankind for that). If we fit in extra reading, then she writes a short paragraph from that, too. Then there's mapwork and the timeline, of course. I have my mother read to her from a historical fiction novel if we can fit one in (my Mom is on a different continent -she reads via Skype).


From what I have seen so far, Logic is much more "dry" - more fact-based, with less time to read myths and fiction. But maybe that's just how I'm doing it!



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