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Favorite manipulative to use with SM.


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I am trying to build up my math manipulatives for use with Singapore Math. My daughter is 7 years old and SM is really coming along great. You may have read my past threads where my daughter hated using MUS blocks. I am thinking of selling off my set of MUS Alpha and blocks to purchase things that go better with SM methods. Would base 10 blocks work nicely? I would like to hear what you all use.


I was also thinking of trying Miquon cause so many SM lovers like Miquon as a supplement. I am holding myself back because of her reaction to the MUS blocks. Do you think the c-rods would be tolerated better?





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I love the Right Start abacus as a manipulative. It makes so much more sense to me to visualize the beads on the abacus than some arbitrarily colored rod.


I also really like the RS place value tiles and the Base 10 cards (could use Base 10 blocks in a similar fashion but the tiles are easier to store).


I've switched my oldest over to Singapore from RS but we still get a fair amount of use out of the RS manipulatives.

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A set of colored poker chips (or other plastic chips) is great for regrouping-the use of chips and chip trading between base-10 blocks and just visualizing it mentally is a SM thing, and they're cheap and easy to find. One thing I like about Poker chips over base 10 blocks is that base 10 blocks only go to 1000, not beyond, and my DD, once she got the concept of regrouping, immediately wanted to apply it to those really big number she loves so much. So we've added and subtracted and regrouped up into the millions using those silly chips.

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