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S/O protein thread-does anyone here bake/cook with protein powder?

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I have some low carb cookbooks with recipes that call for protein powder and other similar ingredients. You may want to check the library for some to see if it's what you're wanting.



I've never tried them due the cost of the protein powder. The recipes only called for small amounts. Since I didn't normally use protein powder for anything else, I figured if I ended up not liking the outcome I would end up having wasted my money.

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I won't be much help because I had Vanilla on hand and am only using for ds to add calories to his meals. So I stir it into yogurt and pudding, add it to smoothies, and to pancake batter, hot cocoa, chocolate milk. Anything that's already sweet and wouldn't mind a dash. I make the kids a smoothie almost every day, so I blend it first and pour out dd's, then I add some to the rest and then pour his. That and yogurt are the easiest.


:bigear: Would love more ideas!

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