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Is this safe? BYOBW

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Hey, quick question before Labor Day weekend. Our beach house water is terrible. We don't drink it; it tastes horrible and the potability is questionable. The whole family used to bring cases of bottled water, but that bothers me for trash and $ reasons. I bring a few gallons of bottled water. This is better, but I still spend $ and it still creates some trash, although it is not as bad as individual water bottles. I'm contemplating bringing my own tap water in gallon jugs. Do these keep over the few days we'll be down there? Or is tap water not supposed to be drank after some period of time?


I've heard conflicting answers about this over the years. What says the hive?

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What about filling one of those 10 gallon orange water coolers, like the construction guys use, with tap water and taking it with you? It's got a tap on it so it's easy to get water from. We use one on camping trips and don't have a problem with the water from the cooler tasting funky after a few days. It might be a bit of an upfront cost but you could use it over and over again.

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My neighbor has a cabin without water and they fill a 100 gallon tank and take it there fill the inside tank and leave it for weeks at a time. All seems fine and they have been doing this for years!






How about getting the water bottles and a cooler for about 100.00? I know its a lot now, but the problem is solved for years!



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