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Question concerning chores for 9 year old

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I must confess that we have very little in the way of morning/evening routines, but I will tell you what we do.


They get ready for the day: get dressed, wash faces, brush hair & teeth. Also my girls walk every morning before school.


They get ready for bed: showers or washed up, faces, hair & teeth again, pjs on. I put the boy to bed & dh puts the girls to bed with prayers, songs & back scratches. :)


For chores, my 9 year old helps clean the bathrooms, folds laundry (her own, her little brother's and towels), unloads the dishwasher. She can also set the table, and vacuum. She used to be responsible for food & water for the dog, when we had a dog. She likes to help me cook, too, so will often help make dinner.


My 10 year old does everything the 9 year old does, and also cleans the cats' litterboxes. She's been doing that for a while, probably since she was at least 8.


I have a book called "Mrs. Clean Jeans' Housekeeping with Kids" that I've found helpful for age-appropriate chores for kids. There are also good lists on the internet if you Google "age-appropriate chores." Hope this helps!

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My just turned 9 year old son does the following chores on a regular basis:

~sweep the kitchen (and sometimes living room) floor at least once per day (sometimes twice)

~take out and sort all of our recycling

~empty our compost bucket

~scrub toilets (3x per week)

~helps his older sister empty the dishwasher (as needed)

~sometimes help his younger sister set the table

~water plants outdoors

~take the dog for walks

~make his bed

~help fold laundry

~put away his own laundry + his youngest sister's laundry

~vacuum his bedroom (1x per week)

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I have an 8 yro daughter (she'll be 9 this fall - so she's almost 9)... She actually does a huge amount of stuff - I feel bad even mentioning this, but she's a tremendous help around the house. She'll do pretty much anything at this point - put laundry from washer into dryer, empty dishwasher, vaccuum (my 7 yro son usually vaccuums), open blinds around the house, change 2 yro's diaper/take her potty, clean her room, gather up laundry throughout the house and carry it into the laundry room, check the mail, etc... The other day, she and her brother cleaned out the gecko habitat - which was a daunting job. She also can set the table and help with the cooking. The only thing I can think of that she CAN'T do is mow the lawn and drive the cars. :D I've been saying if I suddenly croak during the day, I'm just going to pass the baton and she's going to take over. :D


We also have a beater pick-up truck and my husband is constantly working on it. My daughter sat out there for 3 hours in the triple-digit heat, diligently helping him with the truck. :glare: (While my son ran inside because "Daddy was just taking too long") :tongue_smilie:

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My daughter will be 10 next month and she doesn't have specific assigned chores that she has to do every single day but she has things she does "help out" with pretty regularly, and things that she helps out with just on an as needed kind of basis, when I ask (rather than chore charts, and "did you do your chores today" and that kind of thing).


The things she most often helps with are:


Unloading the dishwasher (she usually does silverware and pots/pans; I do the things that go up in higher cabinets)

Helping to set/clear the dinner table

taking out the garbage

bringing laundry to the basement for me to do, and putting hers (and sometimes her little brother's) and the towels away

helping the other kids to do general straightening in living room, especially of toys and their own belongings

cleaning her room when it gets too ridiculous

Sometimes vacuuming the living room

Sometimes sweeping the kitchen

Sometimes wiping off the kitchen table and chairs


We don't have very specific "routines" around here!

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My dd will be 9 in a few days. Neither of my kids have chores exactly. We usually all clean together twice a day and they do whatever parts of the house I tell them to do at the time. For example, I'll clean the kitchen while dd cleans the living room and ds cleans the bathrooms. I expect their entire area clean so if she has living room she has to sweep, vacuum, dust, pick up stray books and toys.. you get the picture. She's capable of doing just about anything but it varies daily on what she has to do. I don't unload the dishwasher so her and her brother swap weekly on who has to do it. Same for taking out the recycling. The only thing she's 100% responsible for is her bunny and her room.

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My DD9 (just turned 10):


does her own laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away)

takes her turn doing morning breakfast dishes (by hand - no dishwasher here)

minds my mom's dog when they go out of town

takes her turn cleaning the bathroom


de-clutters / straightens her room (occasionally!)

handles barn chores with her sisters which includes feeding / watering goats, rabbits, chickens, and milking dairy goats when they are in milk, filtering/pasteurizing the milk, bottle-feeding the baby goats (with DD5).

Manages her own 4-H projects (past year steer & sewing project).

She's responsible to make herself presentable if we go out (clean / pressed clothes, washed up, hair neatly combed/braided or arranged.


Almost big enough to help with making hay.


Sometimes she needs reminding, as in, 'isn't today your laundry day?' but she does a lot! She has 2 older sisters who have modeled chore-duty well for her.

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