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Here's the new horse!!!

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Congratulations! They are both beautiful. What does she do? Dressage? H/J? I forget...........


If she could she would do EVERYTHING!!!! I was a H/J trainer, but her 2 big loves are western pleasure and saddle seat :001_huh:! At first I was in total denial, but I have learned to love both western and arabians! Quite the difference from my big warmbloods :D.


Were mainly doing breed and 4h shows so she can do everything!!!


I wish she would like dressage;).

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OOOOOOOOOOOOO, I signed in at just the right time! Beautiful horse! I know what you mean about arabs growing on you...it took me a while but now I have quite an affection for the breed...still can't bring myself to fall in love with western wear though!


The boys are learning dressage but they wear English riding breeches and, snicker snicker, western shirts or, well last week they had on the Star Wars shirts! Our trainer never bats an eye at it but my hopes of getting them into a velvet helmet and riding coat are probably pretty close to NIL!


Thanks for the pic.


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