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I think I found the key to "quiet time"!

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I posted recently about my kids not liking quiet time. They still don't like it, but I have found a way to make it a lot more tolerable, especially for ds(3yo). I have discovered that if I spend a few minutes doing something with them (or at least ds) right before quiet time starts, everyone is much less fussy about it. Playing a game or reading a book both work well. Even taking a short walk is good. I think a lot of the fussing is because they want my attention, so if I give them some attention and then send them to quiet time, they are much more content to play alone for 30 minutes. :hurray:


Hope that helps someone else. I wish I had figured it out sooner!

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I agree with books on tape during quiet time. We would have quiet time altogether in the living room - lights off, curtains drawn, and everyone laying with pillows and blankets on the couches, and disappear into the worlds of the classics - David Copperfield, Peter Pan, Seven little Australians, The Hobbit, and many many more. It's one of my fondest memories of their younger years. We all, at the end of the hour (or two sometimes!) would be refreshed to face the rest of the day.

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I agree with books on tape. Also, for younger kiddos who won't nap any more but really just want to be with mom, is recording your voice reading books or singing or talking to them. Singing ABC'c and counting or whatever concepts you want to teach them. I made a tape for my then 3 year old when I had to go away overnight one time and wouldn't be there to put him to bed. He listened to that tape in quiet time for a long time after that. Going to make one for my youngest now who is nearing the age of no-naps.

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