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Rainbow Resource delivery...What's a guy to do?

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In the 7 years we have lived in our home we have NEVER had a delivery made to our house. Our choice. We have a PO Box that all our mail goes to and if someone needs to send a package UPS, I'll have it sent in DH's name to one of the offices where he happens to be working at the time. One of the medical offices he works at has a blanket policy that no personal packages are to be delivered there. That's fine and we respect that.


For the past several years I have had Rainbow Resource orders sent to our PO Box with no problems. This year I got the order confirmation email with a UPS tracking number. I raised my eyebrows wondering how they were going to handle that, but I figured I would just wait and see.


Well, local UPS guy gets package, and not knowing where we live, but knowing where DH works, takes it to the "no personal package" office. The office manager is having a fit when DH walks by and the UPS driver asks if the package is for his wife. DH looks at it and acknowledges it probably is.


"Look," he told office manager, "it's not my name on the package and it is not this address. I can't help it if he brought it here!" She agreed that it probably wasn't his fault. :D


I've had one other company call me this year to say that they didn't wish to send to PO Box, so I gave them DH's name & another office address.

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Just out of curiosity, why don't you allow packages delivered to your house? The only reason I can think is that you don't want to answer the door. Will your deliver person not simply drop them off? Mine will unless a signature is required. Or is there another reason?

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There's no way I could manage without having some packages delivered to my house! Half the time, I have no idea how someone is going to ship, so I always stick our street and mailing address on everything.


Still, sometimes a shipping label only prints the "wrong" address method. Any time that's happened, my mail person has left a note in my PO Box to get my package at the PO (recognizing the name), or Fed Ex/UPS has called to get the "right" address. Though now our Fed Ex and UPS deliverers are practically dear friends, and just show up. ;)

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