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Prospective or current chicken owners, pls click here!

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Hey, Guys! I would really like to put out a word of caution re a company that, sadly, we had truck with when acquiring our chicks.


First of all, we just love having our chickens. I don't want to caution anyone against getting chickens. It's the company I'd like to warn you away from.


This is a copy of a message I sent to someone thinking of getting chickens.


My daughter and I wanted endangered heritage breeds. To get those, we had to drive all over the state for some of them and we ordered three from Nature's Hatchery (please memorize that name).


The way the NH guy explained it the chicks ingest the albumen just b/f hatching and don't eat again for three days. He therefore sends the chicks by three day mail with a warming pillow and an electrolyte powder to put in their water upon arrival.


We ordered the three chicks we wanted, the electrolyte powder, and the warming pillow. The box arrived at the p.o. and they called.


Let me interject . . . our chickens are our dear pets. We love them and bonded with them right away. For the ones we ordered, we bonded just looking at the pictures online. My girl is 11.


Anyway, the p.o. guy called and said that at least one of them seems to be dead. So, I left my girl at home and went to pick them up.


All three chicks that we ordered were dead. There was no warming pillow (required to keep the little things alive) and no electrolyte powder. There was, however, about a handfull of straw and an (approximately) adolescent aged chicken of a different breed.


The p.o. guy said that it's contrary to federal rules to send livestock via three day mail. They have to be sent overnight. He strongly encouraged me to decline shipment for a variety of reasons (packaging, DOA, breach of agreement in not including everything we'd paid for, et c). The problem was that the remaining chicken would die. That thing seemed positively starved! It had been three days with no food or water and was famished. When I got it home, it was indeed famished and we actually had to give it food in increments b/c we were afraid it would hurt itself eating too much all at once.


My daughter spent the day trying to pray those poor dear chicks back to life and nursing that half starved chicken.


We saved the chicken but the chicks were not destined to return to life.


I cannot tell you how sad this was for my little one.


I just really want to encourage you not to order from Nature's Hatchery and to tell everyone you know.


He will not return our calls or email. We are trying to stop payment thru our credit card but he didn't send a receipt so when the cc asks for a receipt we write that he didn't send one. CC ppl say oh, okay, we'll send you another form and just put that in the form where it asks for the rec. We do and then we get a letter saying that we didn't provide the recpt. It's getting old. My husband is still working on it. Frankly, I don't think it's a big deal to them b/c it wasn't much money (just less than $2 apiece for three chicks, $30 warming pillow, and I think the pwdr was included). It's a matter of principle to us.




Please know that otherwise, we have LOVED having the chickens! Ours should be laying w/i the next few weeks!


Nature's Hatchery . . . I strongly recommend NOT doing business with them at all.

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