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Using MOH 2 with TOG...


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I guess that's what I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around. :)


Generally year 2 and especially the first half of year 2 moves really quickly through a lot of material. There are people who spend 2 years on year 2, doing a 5 year round instead of 4.


I kinda did a switch and decided to use MOH as my spine and then picked a TOG week to cover at the same time. I will read MOH aloud to everyone, then take mapping, literature from TOG and my oldest will do the D level work as normal, just in a slightly different order. Thus when I get to MOH 2 will take a year to cover it all and just pull the last few weeks of TOG 1 and the weeks from TOG 2 needed and spread them out, using alternate material if need.


I am the tweaking queen and this is proving to be no different. My oldest also detested the spine used for D level so she is going to do Guerber's Story of the Ancient World, Greeks, Romans and later Middle Ages. Only Story of the Greeks is scheduled. By the time I am finished it really doesn't look much like TOG does it?



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