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Please help me find a good Bible Study (Reformed and Preterist).

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I know what I don't want, but I don't know how to find what I do want.


Here is what I don't want:


~A devotional with a couple of verses of scripture and a story.


~A study with the presumption that you come from an abusive or sad life. What I mean by this is-I don't want the author always trying to have me forgive and accept all the bad thing that happened in my life. I came from a loving home, have a good marriage and don't have lots of "baggage".



What I do want:


~Read a lengthy Biblical passage.

~Historical information on passage.

~Lots and lots of exegesis.

~Reformed and preterist theology.


Any suggestion?

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Best thing I can think of for you would be some of the post mil puritans.


I like Kathleen Nielson's (English prof and wife to Covenant College president) studies, but they are def not preterist and while substantial may not have as much historical background as you want.


Maybe ask on the Credenda website or anything linked with Rushdoony, DeMar etc.

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