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athelete's foot treatments-calling Dr. Hive

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DH has always had this, mostly by his little toes, it comes and goes but this year from harvesting it it horrible!!! I Lysol the tub regularly, he bought new work boots that breathe better, uses tinactin cream and spray...nothing is helping. I jokingly told him I would soak his feet in kerosene if it would work.


Any suggestions???

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I had a very bad case in my twenties that just wouldn't go away and was very painful. (I thought I had left that behind after moving out of a home with 4 boys involved in sports!) My dr. had me use gentian violet. I remember that it can stain clothes, carpet, etc. I don't remember if I made a soak out of it or applied it directly, but whatever I did, it worked. They should carry it at the local pharmacy.

ETA: Now that I think back, he also had me use some kind of powder in my socks and shoes and on my feet, don't remember what. It may have been a prescription strength powder. My fil uses Z-Absorb?? (think that is what it's called) every day.

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