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If your local high school offered to grant a diploma for your homeschool course work

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Would you do it? Or would you not.


We're potentially in that situation. My son is attending his "senior" year at the local high school to get some courses we just couldn't handle at home. My husband asked them about the possibility of him getting a diploma and we're meeting the principal today to see about it and to get son approved for the classes he wants to take.


The Principal may just shoot it down, but the school has made some indications that they might do it.


It had never been my intention to try to get a school diploma for this child. After all, we're homeschoolers! The situation has come about rather fast and I don't know what to think.


What would you do?

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According to NYS regulations, school superintendents may grant hsers a high school diploma at their (the superintendent's) discretion. I've heard that there are some that will but most don't seem to be so accomodating. I doubt that the superintendent of my district will since dd won't be taking any state tests, but I should ask anyway just to see what hoops we'd have to jump through. But that's also why we are not seriously considering any NYS colleges for hsed older dd. I plan to have her take some college courses at the local community college when she is 16 but when she goes to college as a freshman we plan to send her out of state or (less likely) to a private college in state.Hsers in NY have to have a diploma, 24 college credits (I think), or a GED to be accepted as a freshman in a NYS college. None of that seems worth it just so dd can go to a state college.Not when there are so many other colleges in other states that are willing to look at other things like SAT and ACT results, course content and such.

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If my kid could get the diploma for the work we have done homeschooling (plus whatever she classes she would take with the school anyway), I see no reason not to.

We homeschool because of educational content, not so we can label ourselves as homeschoolers to the world.


If the diploma came with strings attached, such as certain subjects she'd have to do over, we would have to very carefully consider whether it is worth it.

But of they just handed it to me, I see no harm.

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Yes - because in New York State we do not receive a high school diploma if we only homeschool. The Superintendent has the option to give a "Superintendent's Letter of Equivalency" if he/she feels like it (!) else we have to get 24 college credits (in certain subject areas) or a GED to matriculate at a NY State unniversity (that doesn't apply to private colleges). So I'd go for it - get the diploma and if nothing else just put it in your back pocket!



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