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cc First Grade Q's

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This is our first year using WTM methods. Last year for reading I used Sing, Spell, Read, Write. It worked very well with teaching her to read short vowel words and the basics of handwriting. I have the 1st grade edition as well and we worked on it off and on through out the summer. It reviewed all the short vowels and now we are entering into long vowels, letter clusters, etc. It has a lot of handwriting, spelling etc. So my question is how do I integrate this with the language arts in WTM. I have purchased Handwriting Without Tears, First Language Lessons, Writing With Ease, and Spelling Workout A; but obviously, if she does all this on top of what I have her doing in SSRW she'll be burned out. I am thinking of just not having her do as much of the writing in SSRW, doing the Handwriting w/o tear and first language lessons. Does this sound like enough, too much, just right? Thanks.

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