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I need a blank timeline...


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I got frustrated yesterday looking for a blank timeline. All the free printable resources weren't exactly right----either used too much or too little paper. I didn't really want to wait for something to come in the mail, since we're starting on Tuesday.


So I went to the local very cool educational/teacher supply store and purchased "word strips" like a teacher would use on a bulletin board. I needed to get a smaller size to fit in our space, so I purchased the 3"x8" pack of 75. The store also had 12" and 24" long strip packs. There were even some that were wipe-off. The ones I purchased have the two solid lines and center dotted line, like you'd use for handwriting. The BACK side has a single horizontal line about 1" up from the bottom. We'll use that line as the timeline anchor, with vertical lines/marks for year divisions.


Dd is excited to start :D Her sister wants to make one for AP US History in her room!

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I did something similar to the above poster, but I went to Hobby Lobby and got a roll of paper about 24" in width...not sure on the length. Then I think I went to Currclick and downloaded a free timeline project. We are now making our own. Plus, I use that roll of paper for everything!!!!


Hope that helps! I'll try to find the link to the project!


http://www.currclick.com/product_info.php?cPath=46_865&products_id=16690&it=1&filters=0_0_0 I hope that works!

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