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Anybody know about disability, Medicaire, and in-home care?

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My sister has MS. She's been on disability for several years now. She recently went completely on Medicare for her insurance. Her DH is in and out of work, so they can't depend on work insurance for her medical care.


The problem is that she really shouldn't be home alone. She will sometimes fall (last week she fell going from her bed to her wheelchair). If she falls, she will be on the floor until someone gets home. (Her DH works about 45 minutes away and does not answer the phone if she calls (his boss is apparently a jerk). Don't get me started about that.


They say they can't afford one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" monitoring devices. This is probably true. Money is very, very tight for them. (The family would definitely help with expenses, but getting her DH to agree is difficult.) Would Medicaire pay for something like that? What are her options? Any chance of some type of in-home care?


My sister and her DH are in denial about the seriousness of this. I'm trying to get some information to give to them.

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My stepmother is in exactly the same place, except she does have insurance through my Dad's job. Even so, the insurance won't pay for someone to stay with her. Unfortunately....


Does Medicare pay for personal care like bathing, help using the toilet or help with dressing?

Medicare might pay for these services, if you are also receiving skilled care such as nursing care or other therapy. Medicare does not pay for 24-hour-a-day home care, prescription drugs, meals delivered to your home or homemaker services such as cleaning, laundry and shopping.


My Dad isn't sure what they are going to do. She doesn't need someone all the time, really - just someone to come when she needs help. One time my Dad had to call the father of my sister-in-law to come help her, but it was because she was laying in the front yard and couldn't get up.


Just an FYI about the devices, even if she uses it and the rescue squad comes, she may be billed for the trip. My grandmother was billed $300 every time my grandfather fell and she had to call them to come get him off of the floor.


:grouphug: MS is a terrible disease, especially for those who are affected greatly (my stepmother's mom has it as well, but it doesn't affect her life as much.)

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Thanks. That's pretty much the same information I found, but yours spells it out clearer.


I wish she lived closer, but they just bought this house about a year ago, so I don't see them being willing to move. I'm closest to her and I'm about 45 min - an hour away. I'm also not strong enough to lift her if she falls.


Do the monitoring devices call 911? I know she wouldn't want that, but I'm worried she's going to fall and break a leg or arm.


I hate this disease. Hate. it.

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