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Need bird help

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I would take it to the vet. They could tape up the leg, if broken, and it will heal fine. If it doesn't heal right, it will have lifelong issues and it may shorten it's lifespan. I don't know if they'll x-ray it or not but the taping, etc. shouldn't be too expensive.


I once made a cast out of popsicle sticks and blue painters tape for a chicken. I couldn't find the duct tape. Dh didn't want me to take the chicken to the vet. I confined her so she couldn't move much. She was fine and healed well, only to get eaten up by something. She was the sweetest little bird!!! With a parakeet I think putting it in a tiny cage, ideally near the others, would be good, but I'd want to get the vet to fix the leg so it heals right.


ETA: I only recommended a vet after reading a few different places through a google search. You could try to tape the leg but it can be risky. Please do some online search. If a cattle can heal well, a parakeet should. If you decide to do self care, put it in a TINY cage so it can't move around much at all.

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Our parakeet had what appeared to be a broken leg last year. We removed all perches from the cage, and removed the bottom grill so that it was flat. This way, the bird just rested on flat ground and was better in a week. You could also transfer the hurt birdie to some sort of pet travel carrier so it can heal alone. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

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My rule of thumb is that if it's something I'd take my kid in for, I take the animal in. If a toddler has been hobbling for some time, & is refusing to use a leg, I'd take 'em in.



Vets are lovely. Support your local vet & let them help you provide compassionate, appropriate, gentle care.


It's part of responsible pet ownership in my books.

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