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I have been homeschooling for about 5 years now. I can live with the pace, but I wonder if what I am doing is over kill? I have read and re-read books, posts, articles and do not know why it seems I work hard all day doing everything a mom has to with the little ones and the house, and then also the homeschool stuff on top of that. At the end of the day most things are done, but my children did not get to play as much outside as I would have liked except for days when that is scheduled. Once sport classes start that will be cut down even more. The first day of school, the girls did not have time to read their english fiction, but the second day it was fit in. Maybe things are improving? So to make a long story short, if anybody has any input on my schedule please give it. It may be viewed here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/36715831?secret_password=2lvpjqmeyifgabe182sk


I have 6 children ranging from 9 to 3 months. The older two are in the same grade (4) in all subjects (except math) and the third girl has just started "official" grade one. My little 4 yo son has time scheduled with me, but if he is playing well I don't bother calling him away from that.


The schedule has no times attached. I estimated times for about 10 to 30 minutes per subject, but I never found entering times to be helpful. I may be wrong in this. All my subjects are pre planned and the books are always readily available with no searching for what we are supposed to do at any point. All the aqua and green sections in the schedule require my presence (of course morning prayer does too!). SO if I am not available because of some pee, poo or other issue then I ask the grade 4 girls to work on their other work that can be done without me.



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I don't schedule times either - if I do, I get too frustrated when something takes longer than I expected.


The schedule itself was a bit hard to read, but I'll take a stab at it. You do seem to have some overkill - I noticed English and Grammar. I'm not sure what makes one English and one Grammar, but do you need both? I also noticed copywork and penmanship and even English copywork - do you need all 3? And what is Hun. Reading? (I'm just curious on that one!)

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