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iTunes/iTouch help needed

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I have finally managed to get my audiobooks transferred from my old computer to my "new" one and onto iTunes. The problem I am having is with 2 cd's that I copied onto my old computer. I got the files transferred to my new iTunes, but they will not sync to my iTouch. I have noticed that in iTunes, those songs are checked and have an exclamation point next to their number. I created new playlists for them and those don't appear on the iTouch either. How in the world can I get them on the iTouch?


One would think that doing something like this would not take ALL day. Sheesh.:glare:

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If a song has an exclamation mark next to it, it means that iTunes thought it knew where the song was on your hard drive, but can't find it there now. So if you moved the files to another place, you have to get iTunes to know the new location.


Try playing one of the songs (on your computer, from iTunes). You will probably get a message saying that iTunes can't locate it, and would you like to browse for it. Do the browse thingy and show iTunes where it is - this will fix the database *for that song*. Repeat for each song.


Another approach is to go under "file" and choose "add file to library". Then browse for the file, and iTunes will add it. If all the songs you want are in the same folder, and no other songs are in that folder, then you can choose "add folder to library" and do it all at once. The problem with this approach is that iTunes will still have the old listing for the song with the exclamation point. You can then highlight that song, left click, and delete. It will delete it from the iTunes database, but not from your computer (because even if it wanted to, it doesn't know where that file is).


Did that make sense?


iTunes is both brilliant and horrible. I *so* wish I was in charge of the programming team for it. Boy would it be better! :)

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