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Do you have a cordless stick vac that you like for wood/tile floors?

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We are getting most of our house redone in wood laminate flooring in two weeks.....and we will have one room that's tile. I want a good cordless stick vac to run over the floors on a day to day basis. Lightweight is great so that my 6 year old can do it sometimes. We have two kids who drop crumbs under the table, two short haired dogs who shed a medium amount, etc. Anyone have one that they love?

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I have the pink Shark cordless vac. I think this is my 4th--maybe 5th Shark. Kids love using it--even my 3 year old. It is great for crumbs and dog hair--and I can do a quick sweep of the whole house in 10 minutes with it.


I love it, but only because I bought the extended warranty. It also helps that I've conditioned myself to look at it as 'disposable' because they typically only last 2 years at our house.


If someone could make something like it that was more durable--I'd be thrilled. Until I find that, I'm ok with buying a new Shark every few years because it really makes life easier with hardwood floors.


Will be :bigear: here--might find out my next birthday request!


eta: You don't want to go from tile/hardwood to carpet with a Shark if you have shedding dogs. If one of the kids tries to 'drive' it into their carpeted bedrooms, it leaves a huge wad of accumulated dog hair on the carpet.

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