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Getting a new pet, after losing one?

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Any thoughts on this? Pros/Cons... How long to wait. I feel like dork asking this, because we pick up our new horse today. But we don't keep the horses at our house, so it's not quite the same :001_huh:


If we chose to go with a cat instead of another dog, how do I keep the smell down? I'm really sensitive to smells.


Anyway, just starting to put some thoughts into this.

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It depends. I know the vet I used to work for went out and got a new dog the day after theirs passed away. They knew they'd have a dog and didn't wait. I bugged my dh for two years before he agreed to another dog.


Are you considering a puppy? I wasn't quite ready for the puppy stage again after having a 10 year old dog. But if you wait until winter, guess who will taking out the puppy in the snowstorm.


Do you think you and the kids need time to grieve? Or would they be open to a new dog without doing too much comparing.


As far as cats, the biggest issue for us is placement of the litter box. Our cat is indoors and the cat box is the only smell issue. Also cats tend to make themselves at home in less desirable places, like the bed, the tables, the sofa. Depending on where you allowed your dog, you might have to do more "training" with a cat.


Cats are easier to care for in that they can be left alone for longer periods of time.


I have one of each and still can't decide if I'm more of a cat person or a dog person. I love them each for different reasons.

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when our 2 oldest cats died within weeks of each other, even tho we still had 3 other cats at home (also older). my dc had not had the experience of raising kittens so we went to the shelter to get 2 kittens (ended up with 4 lol) and my dc love them as much (but in a different way from their love that they had for the older cats). They really really wanted new kittens after the 2 older cats died and it did keep our house from being too sad. That was 3 years ago and my dc still talk about the original cats that died so they did not forgot them , they just had a lot of love to give more cats.

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It depends. You know we lost our oldest dog in June and we're still mourning her. We want to get another dog, but I'm concerned that we will compare the new dog to the one we lost and possibly resent it for NOT being like our old dog.

That being said, we have another dog, Dutch, who just turned 10 and has never, ever been away from her. He mourns her deeply. I mean seriously, mourns her. He still looks for her everywhere and lays on her favorite toy and whines. It's so sad. Fortunately we have a 3rd dog, Arf (who misses her, but wasn't with her as long), to keep him company. If we didn't have Arf we'd probably HAVE to get another dog to keep Dutch from mourning himself to death. In fact, the reason we have Arf is because my mom's older dog died of cancer 2 years ago and Arf quit eating and almost died himself. We took him because when we came to visit with our dogs, Arf started eating again. Dogs mourn too.

So, to sum all that nonsense up, if it were just us, I'd wait a while, but if we had another pet who was mourning, I'd absolutely get another one ASAP.

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