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VENT--just discovered every stinkin' bookmark is GONE

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I'm so mad--every single bookmark I had in Firefox is GONE. I had put all my carefully researched history/lit websites for high school on there. I had an excellent medieval lit booklist for 6th grade. I had castle stuff, ancient history stuff, recipes--OH I am so mad!


We got a new computer and much did not transfer. Even my resume is GONE.


<bangs head and gnashes teeth>

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That happened to me once, too! I was freaking out and dh said, "Oh, I guess I forgot to back those up." :001_huh:


Now whenever we get a new PC or hard drive he always asks me what I want backed up so he can load it to the new one, and I always remind him - favorites and e-mail!



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our old computer crashed. We lost all of our bookmarks, and anything we hadn't backed up. We had backed up certain files, but nothing from outlook (so no addresses, emails or phone numbers!) , or explorer, or unfortunately my files from Edu-Track. I lost all of my homeschool records for the last 3 years. :glare:


We now back up more carefully.

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To prevent this from happening again, you may want to look at X-marks. It will back up your bookmarks and is a free plugin for both Firefox and Chrome.

Sorry you had that happen! It's so frustrating!


I just downloaded and installed this in both Firefox and Chrome and it put all my bookmarks from each into both. Of course now I realize that is what is meant by "sync". I thought it just meant sync my computer with their website (It did that too).


I'll go back tomorrow when I'm more awake and get my many bookmarks sorted out. Neat tool--thanks for posting about it!

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