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help with math for 2nd grader


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Hi there,

I've been homeschooling my dd7 (8 in oct) from the start (no PS experience). I read WTM this summer and fell in love! I am pretty happy with all that we have going on right now, except a math program. We did Saxon in Kindergarten and at the beginning of first grade, she would cry and say she hated math. I pushed it through Jan. of last year until I just stopped. It was not doing anyone any good. We borrowed a friends MUS to finish up the year, but I feel like I have big gaps now.


I'm trying to find something fun, engaging, but more importantly, thorough. I'm looking at Math Mammoth and Singapore right now. Singapore has me a bit confused with the standards vs. us edition (but i think I could figure that out!). Any thoughts?


Here's the rest of our stuff:

SWR for spelling/penmanship

FLL grammar

God's Design for life science (animal kingdom and machines and motion)

history using TOG at our co-op, supplementing at home (I didn't buy TOG)

lots of books.


Can you help me find a fit?



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Before you buy a math program, PLEASE read Knowing and Teaching Elementary Math by Laping Ma. It will give you a great perpective on math programs. I read it after I went through just about every math program available. If I had read it sooner, it would have saved us tears, time, money and frustration.

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If you use Singapore, you want to have her take the placement test from the SM website. My DD is in 3rd grade and only 1/2 way through 2a. My DD also dislikes math, but this year has been going much better than last.


We're using HOD which has hands on lessons for the math, so we have 3 short lessons each week and 1-3 wb pages each day. I also work on math facts with her in addition to it (flashcards or mental math pages in the SM guide). Last year I tried to do everything in the SM guide and I think it was too much for her.


We're using Primary Math, but I'm thinking of switching to Standards since I like the teacher's guides better for it.

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Math can be kind of a bugaboo. DS1 was doing A Beka math last year and he really didn't like it. He never cried or anythng, but it was obvious he was bored. So, I switched to Singapore this year and that's been right up his alley. It really engages him and makes him think. I think you need to get a grasp on whether your kid is more analytical/mathy sort and go with a program that works with that way of thinking, as opposed to a more linguistic sort and go with a program that will suit their way of thinking. DS1 is a lego-building/detail oriented sort of kid. Memorizing math facts is not what he likes to do, so Singapore has been great for him. DS2 is doing A Beka 1st grade and he will probably stick with it. He's my early reader, talk your ear off, imaginative play with his sister sort of kid.

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Thank you all so much! I did placement tests (in parts) for Singapore and MM today with my dd and I'm thinking of continuing with MUS and adding MM. She needs to strengthen her memory skills with the facts before we jump to far (I think!) Also...she is more of a reader, imaginative type...so I think hands on works well. We'll have to work on bridging to more mental math. I might revisit Singapore later (but hope that MUS + MM works!)



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I would like to suggest that you print samples from the curriculum choices that you are looking at. Present the material to the child and check their reaction. I have tried several math curricula that had my daughter in tears a month or so after we started. In the end she chose Singapore Math and so far no tears. Yes, it is our decision to make as the teacher but...if you have it narrowed down to a few choices I find involving the child makes a happier school day.


Just my 2 cents.


All of the ones you are looking at are very solid math programs. Good Luck.:001_smile:



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