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Looking for syllabus/lesson plan/study guide for SWB HAW

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I'm working on one now, correlating some others I found here (see my post above-9th grade history how is this?) I am basically doing what SWB suggests in WTM. My son is taking a SMARR Ancient Lit class, so I'm not adding any literature to the syllabus-it is straight history. If you do a search here, you should find two or three others. There is not a lot out there yet. I plan on finishing mine in the next couple of days so he is ready for it on Monday. I'll post when I'm done.

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Hey...we are doing the same thing! It's good to know others thought that SMARR Ancients and HOAW would go nicely together. I was beginning to doubt myself that it was a good idea.


My son has started SMARR last week and he likes it so far.


As far as the HOAW, we are reading three chapters per week, keeping a journal of at least three people and three dates from each reading that he finds interesting and important. I also found a mid-term test that some fantastic mom wrote on this board! It covers the first three units of the book (up to ch. 42). Plus we are aiming to write two small papers the first semester. The second semester will be one small paper, and one research report on something from HOAW.

That's our plan and we should finish the book by the end of the school year.

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