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Favorite PLUS sized jeans???

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Well, I am calling out to all the beautiful, plus sized women out there! :)


I have the HARDEST time finding jeans that fit nicely. I am a plus sized woman and would love to find some stylish, great fitting jeans that last for a long time.


Here is what I am looking for in a jean:

*Dark wash

*Needs to be more of a straight leg with even a little flare at the bottom

*NO tapered legs

*Fits properly at waist (no plumber's crack)

*Fits through the hip & thighs, but not a too long in the crotch area

*Flatters a bigger rear (if this is possible!) :)

*Not outrageously expensive

*SUPER comfortable, slimming and flattering!!! :)


I definitely carry my weight in my hips and thighs. My waist is smaller. I would love to find something that doesn't gap in the waist area.


Do these jeans exist!?!?! I actually had some cheap, stretch ones from Faded Glory that I bought at Walmart a while back. However, they didn't last long, and now it seems that they were clearanced out before I could get anymore. :(


I got SOOOO many compliments when I wore that one pair of jeans. Everyone always thought I had lost weight when I wore them, even though I had not.


Oh, and yes, I am planning on losing weight so that I don't have to wear the plus sizes the rest of my life, however, I would like to look cute and feel good in what I am wearing now, at this size.


Please help!!! I have a little birthday money to spend and this is what I want to use it for right now.


Thanks and have a wonderful day!!! :)

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I really love CJ Banks jeans, They have several different styles (although I'm not sure about dark wash - I always look for the lighter colors for myself)


But they fit comfortably and I don't feel that I have to pull my shirt over them ever time I squat down... or risk exposing my backside to the world. :o



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I am a size 16 generally and have a hard time finding jeans that fit well. I took the advice of the ladies here in the past and tried Lane Bryant's Right Fit jeans. I went to the store and they helped me determine the right size (there system is a little different you get a color and a size number. The color refers to your body type, so they have different cuts depending on if you're more apple, pear or stick shaped.) I'm a yellow size 2 in their jeans. Talk about an ego boost LOL


They fit well, actually come in a length short enough for my 5' 3" height. If you watch closely they usually have an awesome sale on them in the fall. I believe I got them on a BOGO.

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I'll chime in to agree about the Lane Bryant Right Fit. They actually fit me quite nicely and I am very tall (5'11"). I wear the tall usually have to roll them a little when I first start wearing them, but they never become high-waters.


If they don't have the wash in your local store, they will order them for you and deliver to the store for free or to your house for shipping.


When not on sale they are regularly $40/ which isn't too bad.


My favorite thing about them is they fit in the waist, no matter how big the rump is, so no gapping. I feel like I finally have jeans I can squat down in without giving the world a show!

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Not Your Daughter's Jeans


In the women's sizes, these fit all of your criteria. In addition, although I initially balked at their prices, they have held up better than any jeans I have ever had in my life. Great value for the money! I buy them at Nordstrom, in the Encore section, and I watch for sales. However, I don't have to buy them every year or even every two years because they hold up so well. I wear an 18W, and have been wearing the same ones for 3 years, and they are going strong. Nordstrom will alter them for free if you pay full price for them, but I recommend taking them home and washing them 3-4 times before having them hemmed, so that the final shrinkage occurs. And Nordstrom takes them back if they don't work out, even if you have been wearing them for a while. They and REI have the best return policy in the business.

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That sounds like the exact requirements I have for jeans. However, I'm SUPER cheap. :( I bought some at Walmart that sound just like those and couldn't find them again. I always have to have a little elastic in the waist (usually on the sides or in the back).


My mom bought me a pair at Dress Barn that were really similar to the Walmart ones I had. I'm not sure on the name or anything, but you may try there.


Good Luck. I know exactly how you feel.



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Another Lane Bryant fan here. If you look for them in thrift and consignment stores they have the label 'Venezia'. I just love them! And it helped when the saleslady showed me how to find the right, flattering fit. They are kind of expensive when they aren't on sale so I buy mone on sale or at the outlet stores. I bought 4 pair 2 years ago, wear them nearly every day, and they still look and fit great. Well worth the money invested IMO.

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