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Summer Camp Experiences?

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Not a math camp, but...


Both DSs have absolutely loved the 1-week Worldview Academy Christian summer leadership camps they have been able to attend. Older DS has been 3 times, younger DS twice. Esp. with the older DS, it was like seeing a switch flip on for him in taking ownership of his faith, gaining confidence/courage, and stepping out into leadership roles in various areas of his life. Both DSs keep asking to go again!


WVA is 25 hours of classroom lecture on worldview topics and apologetics, plus structured team building activities and some free time each afternoon for playing sports, socializing or napping.


warm regards, Lori D.

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I'm particularly interested in math camps, but some might enjoy hearing about others as well.


MBM, did your son end up going to the North Carolina Math Zoom camp?


My son did Math Zoom camp (two-week option) at Harvey Mudd and loved loved LOVED it! I think it took him a few days to adjust, but then he made some great friends and the five of them hung out together. Now they all email each other about 50 times a day. BTW two of them are girls -- the first time he's had girls as friends (I think these girls were nerdy enough to be interesting to him :001_smile: ).


In fact, he was in "withdrawal" for days after we picked him up. He insisted he did want to leave and go on our family vacation (the camp leader said he could have extended his stay), but he was quite subdued (unusual for him) for days ... He can't wait to go again next summer. Thanks to Kathy in Richmond for the advice & enthusiasm on these boards about what a valuable experience math camps have been for her kids!


The highlights for him were

-- high-level, interesting classes (number theory, etc.)

-- guest speakers such as Art Benjamin and Richard Rusczyk

-- fun with other geeky kids


One big plus is that they spent a week (half-days) doing geometry, which gets short shrift in the usual math sequence but which is a big part of high-school math competitions. My son used to be too impatient to like proofs (he just *loves* things like the Countdown round in MathCounts :lol: ), but the class helped him see how fascinating geometry is, and how satisfying it can be to prove something.


Anyway, in short, as Kathy says, worth every penny!!! :001_smile:



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Math camps!
...one of my favorite topics:D

*waves hi to Laura in CA*

I'm so glad that your ds had a great experience at MathZoom! I've heard that 8FilltheHeart's ds had an equally terrific time at the North Carolina MathZoom camp this summer. :)

The camps my kids have been to & some thoughts:

MathPath - terrific first math camp for both my kids. Dr T really has a good feel for the needs of middle school kids. Lots of structure and supervision. The whole group studies the history of mathematics, proof writing, hears guest speakers. Choice of topics & levels in the remaining classes - something for everyone. Work hard, play hard - the kids are kept busy! Field trips, sports, chess, yearbook available. My kids loved being on a real college campus and made many friends that have lasted over the years.

Mathcamp - the ultimate summer for my kids (they've been back multiple times). Go to the camp website and refresh the front page to see what the campers themselves have to say about it (the girl with the orange water bottle is my dd). Choice is the key at Mathcamp - no one is forced to do anything. Lots of classes on topics not usually covered in the math curriculum - all the way to graduate level stuff, amazing guest speakers like John Conway, optional research projects, & LOTS of fun activities and games. Campers are also encouraged to initiate activities of their choice or even to teach a class. There are only a few rules, but the kids thrive in the camp atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect, and personal responsibility. It was a taste of heaven on earth for my two children.

Princeton SWIM (Summer Workshop in Math) - for girls only, all-expenses paid. A chance to live for ten days on the Princeton campus & to take two math classes (topics vary by year). Also, everyone works on a mini-research project. Fantastic guest lectures (even Andrew Wiles!), games & movies, exploring Princeton's campus and town, & sight-seeing. Panels on the experiences of women mathematicians were very enlightening.

MOsP (Math Olympiad summer Program) - by invitation after doing well on the American Mathematics Competitions. Not "fun" like the others, but lots of hard work, since the goal is to choose and train the USA math olympiad team from these kids. Awe-inspiring training, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,very intense. Still, time for bonding and friendship!

Like Laura said, besides learning tons of new math with like-minded peers, my kids grew in independence by leaps and bounds, & made awesome, lasting friendships at the camps.They've kept in touch over the years and have seen these kids at math competitions and even later in college. My dd is packing up to start college next week. Out of two dozen girls in her new dorm, one is a former mathcamp friend :).

And lest anyone is frightened at the cost, significant financial aid exists for MathPath and Mathcamp.


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Thanks for the feedback, Ladies.


Lori, good to hear about the WVA camp. It sounds like it's had a marvelous effect on your sons. You know you've hit on something good if your children are learning wonderful things and can't wait to go back. Pinch me, I'm dreaming! :D


Laura, Math Zoom must be amazing if your son suffered from withdrawal. What a fantastic problem, though. We opted not to do the camp this year just to make sure our son's sleepwalking episodes are phasing out, and praise be to the heavens, I think they finally are! Next year, the little guy will be 14 -- a little bigger, a little more mature -- so if he can get in, he'd like to go to Math Zoom at Harvey Mudd. He is in awe of Richard Rusczyk and Arthur Benjamin and would be thrilled to meet either of them.


MathPath might be a possibility, too, if he can get in. I believe those problems and the place it will be held is going to be announced in September.


Your daughter is a cutie-pie, Kathy. No doubt she will thrive at Stanford. I've only been there once, but the campus is so beautiful. And many, many thanks for your advice! It's been so helpful and inspiring. Regarding MOP, we watched the documentary Hard Problems, and all I can say is: Those are some smart kids! Very impressive, but it's also encouraging to see the camaraderie among them. They seem like genuinely nice people.


Well, I guess we'll see how it goes for next summer. :)

Edited by MBM
corrected son's age!
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