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For those of you who get done to early, could you please share what you do?

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I mean, what is your daily schedule like? (get up, breakfast, subjects- all that) What subjects do you do in a day? Do you do everything every day or do you do blocks?


I am :banghead: because every year we struggle to get done at the beginning of the year and every year by then end its flowing smoothly. I dont want this hassle. I just want a normal, good amount of school and be done. I have already chopped so much schoolwork out its not funny! There are 2 things I think I can chop from my 7th grader, I just dont know if I want to :confused:. How do you fit it all in? Im at a loss. I need advice!


One more question-- do you file? (those of you who get done early or "to early" (just wondering)

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How I do it:


1. I file

2. I use workboxes to organize the day to day materials

3. I take a page from CM book and do short intense lessons


Our day:


We start school between 9:30 and 10.

I work with my oldest first.

Review work from yesterday (what she had problems with)

Go over any spelling material (mark phonograms, syllables, new concepts, etc.)--only 1 per day, list lasts 2 weeks, SWR


Go over material for grammar and assign work.

Give her a history or science lesson.

Go through her independent work and give her directions.

This work includes:

1 page math (rod and staff)

1 chapter to read in a book

1 lapbook piece (it takes 1-2 months to complete a lapbook, HOAC)

grammar assignment (Scott-Foresman, 1 part per day)

spelling activity--1 sheet long, enrichment activities from SWR

and we alternate McCall-Crabbs, following directions worksheets, Alphabetizing activities and other things.


She is usually done by 11:00 if she starts at 9:30.


Then I work with my 2nd grader:

She reads a few pages out of an easy reader to me.

We do 1 activity with the phonogram/spelling rule for the week (story, dictation, game, notebook page, etc.)

We do a page of Scot Forseman grammar.

I read a poem.

I do a lesson in science/social studies that includes 1 activity(story, activity, worksheet, experiment, project, game, etc.)

We do 1 piece of a lapbook.

We do 1 math activity (story, activity, game, notebook page, etc.)

Then I have her do on her own:

1-2 rows of problems in Rod and Staff math.

a couple of sentences of copywork.


She is usually starts around 10 or 10:30 and is done by 11:30.


I use the file system to make sure we cover all our material in a year.:001_smile:

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While I have a schedule, I do not start at a specific time, nor do I schedule each subject for a specific amount of time. We start school after breakfast, usually no later than 8:30, but I prefer to start earlier.


Our schedule is this:


4th Grade:

Math M-F

Grammar M-F

MegaWords M-F

Meaningful Comp M-F


Science T & TH

Logic & Art once weekly

45 min-1 hour reading daily


2nd Grade:

Math M-F

Grammar M-W

Spelling M-TH

Adventures (Hist & Science) M-TH

Logic & Art once weekly

20 minutes reading each day.


When we add Spanish, that will be 5 days/week. They both participate in a sport once weekly as well.


The 2nd grader is usually finished by 10:30 or 11. The 4th grader is generally finished by lunch (noon), but there are days it is 12:30 or 1. We don't typically take a break in the morning, but will stop for lunch and get back to work if we need to.


ETA: Forgot to add that yes, I do file.

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I give homework. I will go over her math with her. We will do a few together to make sure she understands it. Then the rest of the page is homework. The same with the other subjects. We go over stuff together then she does most of the "work" om her own. I am always ready to answer a question though. It is up to her when she does her work. She could have it down before lunch ( at 2:00) if she would work straight through. Sometimes she does her work in the evenings. As long as it is done when I get up, I am OK with it. I like to check it before we begin a new day of school so I know if we need to go over anything again. We start everydat at 9 am. I don't file a whole yr at a time. I plan 2 weeks at a time so I will have time to get library stuff and other supplies for projects together. My dd is in 6th grade this year.

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