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any good suggestions for school room posters?

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All i have right now are two large maps, one world and one U.S. I can't spend a ton of money, but I would like to invest in some good/fun/pretty/useful posters. I have quite a bit of wall space. I just don't know where to start. What do you have that you really like, and feel is worth the money/well used etc.? Or what is on your wish list?

My kids are 4-12 yo.


thanks - you guys are so great!



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Are you looking for decorations or for material to support the subjects being studied?


If you want decor I'd hunt the bookshops of various art museums around the country-many are online. You can sometimes get a great deal if they have posters left from a temporary exhibit that has ended.


I've found lots of posters through RR to support subjects-

some regular favorites are a grammar poster set, Latin poster set, various posters to support science or history topics (star chart, landforms, human body, periodic table etc.), we usually have a timeline up, we have a white board, a fabric chart for date & weather info.


The one chart we had and I got rid of was the multiplication table. Big mistake when giving timed tests/facts drills.


I also collect post cards from our educational field trips and have a collage of those somewhere. Friends and family have added to the collection.

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We like the posters from Nature Watch:



We also change the art work annually for the time period we're studying in history. Last year we did Sea & Sky (Winter Promise), so we has art etc. based around ships, and planes. This year we're back to ancients, so we're putting up framed Egyptian papyrus prints and other similar type things. It's kind of fun to switch it out.

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Wow- those nature posters are beautiful! That whole website is really fun actually.

Periodic table - that is a good idea.

And grammar rules. We're hitting it harder this year, so that might be a nice addition. I'll try to find something interesting to look at...

Rosie- yes more maps would be good - my kids love to look at them. I love to look at them - a little too much. Wanderlust...


thanks for all the ideas!



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