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MMUS Zeta to Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra

Roxy Roller

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I am trying to think through math for my DD11, who is going to be doing MUS Zeta for 6th Grade this year.


We really like MUS, but I am thinking about switching to TT Pre-Algebra for Grade 7, next year - will this work?


I have 4 sons that require more time and I will need my DD to work more independently. TT seems to be more independent, and I really like that she can use the CD's to go through any problems that she is having trouble with.


Any thoughts?


(I can't seem to edit out the double M in my title, sorry!)

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I haven't used TT, but I'm always hesitant to change curriculum we like! Maybe you could take this year to work with her on being more independent with MUS, and see how that goes? We used Horizons (which doesn't have upper levels) and just switched to MUS Pre-Algebra this year--my son has done 5 weeks so far. We do watch the DVD together--I let him watch on his own but if he had a question, it's been quicker for me to know how it was presented in MUS than to have to figure that out later. Anyway, after that he's really done it on his own almost exclusively--except for one week, he hasn't had questions at all.


One thing I would do before deciding if you want to switch, is let your daughter see the samples of both online, and see if she prefers one over the other. I was willing to go either way with my son but he much preferred the MUS samples. (Your dd may prefer a switch though--so that's why I said it's good to let the child be in on that part of the decision!).


I picked a lesson from MUS and a lesson on TT that both dealt with negative numbers, so my son could see how each program would teach the same concept.


HTH some! Merry :-)

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