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can I block certain phone numbers?

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The "respect school time" thread got me thinking...


I have all these nifty phone features. Has anyone used the unidentified caller block? I'm concerned that I will miss calls if I turn this on. Can I block specific numbers? If so, what's the special code?


I get a lot of calls everyday from sales people. I don't usually answer but it is frustrating when I am expecting a call from an unknown number such as a company I contacted or Doctor office (which comes through Unknown when they call :confused:). I'm on the MO and National No Call list. Of course they still call and usually hang-up when I tell them to stop. :glare: I used to take the time to report them but I have one company that has been calling from the Visa 1-800 number for about 2 years now. It's not Visa, somehow they can display their phone number on the caller i.d. :confused: Visa says they are working on it. Whatever. :glare:

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Some phone companies offer a feature called "Selective Call Rejection" where you can program in certain numbers and that person gets an automated "This number does not your call" or something catchy like that. There's another feature (SC Acceptance) where only certain numbers ring thru and everyone else gets the automated message.


Your phone company may or may not offer this features and will probably charge you extra for them.

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I looked it up on their website but it is unclear what this will do.


*67 Caller ID per Call Blocking

Your phone displays the name/number of your incoming call, pressing *67 will block the call.


That doesn't make sense to me. When do I push *67? while the phone is ringing? and isn't that to block my name from being displayed when I make a call?


sigh. I hate calling the phone company because they never seem to know the answers either. :(

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*67 is what you use to block YOUR caller ID when you are making an out going call and you don't want the person you are calling to see your number. You dial *67, the phone goes beep (or beep-beep) and then you dial the number you want to call.


I should mention that different phone companies call these features by different names. It can be hard to figure out. If you want certain numbers to not be able to call you, that will be a feature that your phone company sells (because you want the call to be stopped at the switch and not put thru to your house).

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