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Can you help me think of an appropriate gift?

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Animal Control came out to the house to get a skunk out of our yard today and the poor guy was sprayed. I would like to send a thank you, but not sure what fits such an awful situation. My first thought was a gift basket of smelly-good bath stuff and a can of tomato juice...for smiles, but then I realized it might be embarrassing for a guy to receive a basket of bath stuff at work.


Thank you card with a Gift card?


What would you do?


I realize it's his job, but...this poor guy! He said he'd already picked up 4 before mine. He smelled okay, so mine was apparently the first one to spray him. On his way to the back yard, he looked like he was dreading it and I heard him say, "I hate skunks." Apparently, we've had some sort of skunk epidemic in town lately.

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