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New to Classical and need help


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I am trying to decide what curriculum to choose (WP, MFW, and TOG) and haven't been able to get my hands on any of them to help me decide. I was hoping I could get some feedback on which one I should choose and why :)


Here is the education situation: I have twin boys who are 10 and have been using the full A Beka curriculum since K, they are both getting all A's. Both twins have ADHD but we don't medicate them and they both have above average IQs. One twin has serious articulation and launguage disorders (he scores at the .01%), which have caused a reading disorder. He only reads about 30 wpm at the third grade level. A Beka requires a lot of reading and writing, he usually ends up in tears at some point during the day. The other twin has medical issues which causes us to take a lot of breaks from school so we school year-round. His medical issues make it even harder for him to focus and he gets very bored and distracted with all the workbooks. He was behind for a long time and very delayed but started reading suddenly a year ago and is now on track with reading. Only these two would be changing curriculum.


The home situation: Both of my step-children have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. They have over-the-top behavioral issues, we have cameras and alarms all over our house. I have the older starting Connections Academy (it is from-home PS) this fall, he did A Beka for a year but it was WAY too hard for him and the younger is now doing Christian Light packets. I also have several daycare children during the day.


The long and short of it is that even though i LOVE planning, I no longer have time or energy to do it, since getting married. I need a curriculum that keeps my planning to a minimum. The twins need a lot of my attention though and the whole morning is set aside to do the actual teaching with just them.


I wanted to switch to classical for 4th (finish out the A Beka year I already bought first) and was thinking of doing the geography programs from either WP or MFW. Then for 5th joining into the 4 year cycle of history, maybe with TOG? I was mostly deciding between those three curriculums for the next few years. I thought I might stay with A Beka math, grammar and spelling, since it has been working so well but now am seeing a lot of comments about their math, so am not too sure about that either lol.


I have looked at all the samples in all three curriculums and think this will work from what I was able to see. I was hoping to get feedback from people who have used these curriculums as to whether or not they will work with my kids' issues and the home life or from people who have children with similar issues and what worked for them.


Sorry this is so so long lol I tried to shorten it but couldn't figure out what to cut out! Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated! (Even if it is just about the kids and not the curriculum lol)

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With what you have described I would learn towards MFW too. TOG would be too much planning, and WP has a heavier reading load than MFW. Though I don't know how much writing MFW generally has. WP only has the narration worksheets, and even those you can modify and skip, they are reinforcement.




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